Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Data Analysis Software


SmartPlus - SmartPlus is an easy-to-use multimedia application that gives you powerful analytic and reporting tools and outputs pre- and post-buy reports in formats that are ready for e-mailing or posting to your Web site.
TAPSCAN - TAPSCANĀ® Radio helps you find the best stations for your radio buy with detailed research, scheduling and reporting options.
Media Professional - a buying and planning application that gives you access to Arbitron respondent-level radio ratings data and to listening data for otherwise non-reported stations.
Media Professional Plus - enables you to buy and plan for radio without the restrictions of standard radio Metros.
Custom Coverage - helps you analyze, plan and buy radio listening at both the county level and outside of standard Arbitron Metros.
TVSCAN - allows you to run demo, trending and ranking reports for television viewing data and plan, schedule and post television advertising.
Market Analysis - allows you to tap into Competitive Media Reporting (CMR) data on local market TV advertising expenditures.
QUALITAP - helps you uncover the lifestyles and media habits of specific demographic and geographic groups.
MEDIAMASTER - is a mixed-media campaign reporting tool that helps you see the impact of an entire campaign. Examine radio, television, print, cable and outdoor media buys in a single report, all with the same base of comparison.
PRINTSCAN - allows you to plan, buy and track newspapers and magazines simultaneously, as well as create insertion orders, track revisions and cancellations.
PrintPlus - simplifies print buying and lets you do more work in less time.
Marketmate - Marketmate-TV and Marketmate-Radio, from IMS, are planning applications that easily tabulate local market reach and frequency for all TV and radio markets.
NEWScope - NEWScope helps you effectively evaluate newspaper schedules on a market-by-market basis by giving you access to circulation data for both daily and Sunday newspapers.
MediaMix - Use this optimal system to combine reach and frequency results for broadcast TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, cable, outdoor and other media schedules to get bottom-line results for your media buy.
MRPrf - a Web-based solution that helps you quickly create winning media plans. It combines all media and all markets in one easy-to-use application.
Brandfx - a powerful media flowcharting software that gives you all the flexibility and functionality of a spreadsheet along with all the analytical strength of a custom media flowchart program.
Local RollUp - a versatile reporting solution that complements Brandfx perfectly. It applies advanced database technology that consolidates, organizes and summarizes all of your planning data from Brandfx flowcharts into a single, comprehensive information resource.

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