Monday, April 04, 2005 Las Vegas Blog

Las Vegas blogs

Las Vegas is blogging on . Las Vegas residents and visitors can find information and pics about shows, entertainment, casinos, gambling, business and education, published by gaming expert Franz Winner, with articles from freelancers and internet users.

Las Vegas is the city to be: Americans can't simply have enough of Vegas casino games and lifestyle. Las Vegas is everywhere on TVs, with investigative TV-series, poker tournaments, real-tv specials. And now, Las Vegas has got its own blog.

"On we like to talk about Vegas from a personal point of view, in the words of the people who make Vegas", says Franz Winner, main blogger and publisher. "Las Vegas is a rich city, and its gold is in the people you meet here. People have their own stories, their own reasons to live and love Vegas. What you get on is the big Vegas picture, made by different stories".

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