Thursday, April 21, 2005

Microlocal Blogging in Charlotte

Microblogging & The Growth of Blogotopias

Charlotte is starting to be an expensive place to live, and the economy doesn't seem to exuberant, rationally or otherwise, and so it is not imprudent to consider cutting expenses. And oftentimes it is ones place of residence that is the largest drain on one's purse or wallet. There is not one bill, but many.

Not so with a simple apartment. And if one can live close to work, get rid of the car, have just enough roof, but not too much, and pay one bill, not ten, and pay less that a thousand dollars a month in total...well that would be something worth looking into. At least for some people who considering such adjustments to their wherewithal. And were it not a thousand, but 400 bucks, in all, two bedrooms, nice park, amenities, proximity, large oaks, tree-lined paths and streets, fountains, creeks, libraries, bakeries, a Penguin...well, you just might find yourself developing an even keener interest in the matter. Even as a substitute for hotel expenses when merely visiting Charlotte.

Anyway. It's true. You can even have a six-month lease.
"2 Bedroom Special - 6 month lease - 399-439/month" reads the sign on the office window.

As a blog aficianado, you'll also appreciate their blog, which I write, and which has links to important places and sites. It's not perfect, but Morningside is a damn good value. As I look out the window at hills with massive oaks casting marvelous shadows across the verdant and ample lawns, I find little to criticize.

The view from your home is more important than the view of your home. And here, both are quite pleasant. Well worth the price.



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