Thursday, April 14, 2005

Promotional Blogs on the Rise

Promotional Blogs on the Rise
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"Until about a year ago, promotional blogs were few and far between. There was the occasional attempt, but most efforts served more as examples of what not to do.
That isn't the case anymore. Marketers use blogs, both in text and video form ('vlogs'), to connect with audiences and generate buzz about products, offerings, and events. Blogs are reaching new creative heights, and companies are establishing a new standard of blog marketing.
Leading the way is the entertainment industry, which has embraced blogs for their popularity with TV-watching and movie-going audiences. Among those using them is Peter Jackson, director of 'Lord of the Rings' and the upcoming remake of 'King Kong.'"

Through a partnership with The One Ring Inc., the online marketing company behind the largest "Lord of the Rings" site, Jackson has been documenting the filming of "King Kong" via a vlog production diary. The vlog, which has been live since last year, features behind-the-scenes footage and information on the cast and crew. It also sells official "Kong is King" merchandise. currently averages 1.5 million unique visits per month -- and the film won't even be released until December 2005.

So far, the new breed of promotional bloggers seems to be doing everything right. They have a motive for using the medium; they aren't jumping on the blog bandwagon without good reason. Their sites don't just generate awareness and buzz, but connect consumers with the company's products by inviting them into their personal world. Posts on these blogs have a purpose and allow users to relate to the people behind them.

It will be interesting to see how other industries use blogs as their popularity among marketers grows. How far will companies go to make consumers feel a personal connection to what they're offering? Will their enthusiasm lead to continued improvement or blog overexposure?

Whatever the case, those eager to experiment had better hustle. This window of opportunity won't likely be open for long.

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