Tuesday, May 31, 2005

'Podcasting' Link Roundup For Saturday, May 28th, 2005

How To Blog For Fun & Profit! :: T. L. Pakii Pierce
(See Pierce's blog for hyperlinks to articles)
"Podcasting's First Aggregated Network"
An Attempt To Demystify Podcasting (A Work In Progress)
Blogging Meets Podcasting
Future of Podcasting
GM Experiments With Podcasting
It's nice to see a review of podcast styles. Why not slow down and take a look at what makes this me...
Jupiter Analysts Podcasting
Marketplace: Podcasting Is the Next Big Thing
Measuring Podcasting's Growth
More Female Podcasters
Podcast Hosting
S&P Says Podcasting Threatens Audble
The Lowdown on Podcasting
Thinking about podcasting
Two more thoughts about podcasting

And here is his 'Blogging' Link Roundup.
4 million blogs in China: report
Autoblogger: Get Started Not Blogging
Blogdigger Local: New Twist on Local Search
Blogging about Products
BlogPulse Intros Clickable Trend Charts
Bursting the Blog Bubble? I think Not
Google AdSense Blog?
Google Paying Bloggers $50 to Blog for an Hour
Media will change more in the next five years than it has in the past 50 years
MSN Unveils Social Media Tools at Day 2 Keynote
Politicial Blogs Cause Bias in Google News Coverage
Ripping on the Blog Coaches
the Long Tail is indeed full of crap
The Six Figure Challenge
Wall St Journal Tech Report on Mainstream Media's Future Ignores Impact of Blogs
White paper -- The corporate blogosphere
WordPress Blogs excluded from Adsense in RSS Feed

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