Monday, June 20, 2005

Momentum for small business blogging

...but check out the prices on those reports!

Forrester Research published a business blogging report last week, titled Blogging: Bubble Or Big Deal? When And How Businesses Should Use Blogs, by Charlene Li, with Josh Bernoff, Tenley McHarg
(Nov. 2004; PDF; 18 pages; $349)

Other recent business blog reports/ebooks/whitepapers:

What Could Your Company Do With A Blog? How Smart Companies Use Blogs for Marketing and PR Success and How You Can Too, by B.L. Ochman.
(Oct. 2004; PDF; 105 pages; $97)

Business Blogging Starter Kit: Learn the what, why and how of blogging as a business tool, by Debbie Weil
(July, 2004; WordBiz report PDF; 127 pages; $97)

Business Blogs: How Successful Companies Get Real Results With Weblogs, by Kate Kaye & Rick Bruner
(November, 2003; MarketingWonk report PDF; 103 pages; $99)

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