Sunday, July 03, 2005


The a href="">Digital Video Network of Penn Media.

Penn in the News

Penn Media To Produce Video Content For Web Distribution
Vidsense(TM)Rolls Out on Blogs
Penn Media Announces Vidsense (TM)
Penn Media Licenses 25,000 Hours Of Historical Footage For Video Portal Evtv1.Com
Penn Media Announces Video Portal EVTV1

I liked this job description I found on their management team page:
Joe Silic, Chief Creative Officer
Penn is responsible for creating 125 different e-zines and Blogs. Joe is the guy who manages over 40 writers across the country. He also finds time to write Clean Laffs as well. Joe joined the team way back in 1992 and has been developing content, for the web, Blogs and e-zines.

Chief Creative Officer. I like that.

(Penn Media is the world's largest email publisher with 62 million subscribers and 900+ publications. )



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