Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The "most web-savvy" candidate, John Edwards brings his expertise into the Presidential race.

Bill Clinton and Al Gore were web-savvy. Under their stewardship, the United States was the leader in Internet Technology. George W. Bush, however, is not web-savvy, and I.T. in the U.S. has slipped under his lack of stewardship. And a correction is needed.
We need to elect someone who understands the present and future technology, not simply drag outmoded paradigms into this new century and millennium. John Edwards may well be that man.
So far he seems the closest.

We can no longer afford a nonblogospheric as a leader. Might as well get one who doesn't read...again.

John and Elizabeth Edwards...as well as their children, are keen on the use of knowledge technology, and will thus be better at raising the skill of the citizenry, who need to learn how to fish the net and pay it forward.

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Blogger breakdown said...

If he took the time to use the internet more, he may learn a bit more about Vietnam and change his policies. Not intersted in the future, no respect for the past.
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