Thursday, April 07, 2005

Peter Senge: The theory and practice of the learning organization

‘Strategist of the Century’ talks about The Fifth Discipline and explains the five disciplines central to learning organizations.

Peter Senge came and spoke in one of my favorite classes at University, about metanoia and a host of other fascinating topics, and even back then, he was what Gurdjieff might call a remarkable man. I am still curious about the glowing azure octagon radiating from the center of his being.

Time has given his mind a thousand wings, and his books have flown off the shelves and into the heads of some our largest institutions. This is a good thing. Haj vouched for him. Besides, his quality was real and apparent.

Here is a sample of his work.

One of his major influences was Robert Fritz, with whom I had the pleasure of spending several days and evenings (along with Kalen Hammann), and took the classes, had one-on-ones and such. Another major force, and one of the best thinkers to explain vision and the creative process.


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