Monday, May 09, 2005

Charlotte Bloggercon notes

After having seen (from afar) BlogNashville, it is my contention that we should shoot for one day, and a limited number of people…at least for the first one. I heard several complaints about the length of BlogNashville, which seemed to get on some people’s nerves, or at least tax their patience. And having 300+ Bloggers to have to juggle seemed to tax the administrators as well.

Limiting the size of the venue might be a good idea as well. If we have a hundred people in a room built for a thousand, the perception will be that it was a weak showing, both within and without, whereas if a hundred people cram into a space meant for 75…the perception will be that it was “standing room only”…thus implying popularity, success, etc.

Greensboro and Chapel Hill may well have been too short. My impression was that people wanted to stay longer…which is probably a good thing. Leave them wanting more.
And Greensboro was perhaps too large a venue, as it left room for people to spread out to the point where it was hard to interact with each other…at least while in the auditorium.

We could create a DVD from the texts, pics, video and audio from these other conferences, and have them available, so that attendees will come away armed with much of what was covered in other conferences, as well as what we cover. This way there is little need for duplication. We can move right into mindblogging, thoughtpodding, and more recent and futuristic aspects of blogospheric activity.

Suggestions are always welcome...

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