Friday, June 24, 2005

Add Cartoons to Your Blogs

Everybody likes a good cartoon. Innovative cartoonist, Mark Anderson, has created a way for the more playfully minded blogger to add an "on topic" cartoon of the day to their blog.
Many toon topics to choose from including Marketing. Check out the Free Toons Section of his site and, yes, he has a ToonBlog so you can see the toon service in action.


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Anonymous Tom Raftery said... also has free cartoons and code you can add to your site to embed updating cartoons to your site so you get a new cartoon every week on your blog automatically.

3:10 PM  
Blogger anonyMoses said...

Thanks Tom for the tip! I'll blog about it as soon as I get a free moment. Do you know Tom Priest at He too does some great cartoons, and, yes, is also a Tom! [Twilight Zone theme]

All the best,

11:33 AM  

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