Thursday, June 30, 2005

Carnival of the Vanities at Sophistpundit

Blog Business World

"The 145th edition of the longest running internet blog carnival, the well known Carnival of the Vanities, is up at at Adam Gurri's political and philosophical blog known as Sophistpundit.

Carnival of the Vanities is the original collection of blog postings, assembling some of the best and wide ranging bloggers on the internet.

This week's Carnival of the Vanities entries include politics, literature, science, medicine, technology, business, culture, comedy, and sports."

We got to meet "Silflay Hraka", the creator of the Carnival of Vanities, and even share a few beers with him after the Triangle Blogger Conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (USA) ((Earth)). A swell gentleman with good ideas.

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