Monday, July 04, 2005

The New York Times on Greensboro's Newspaper and Blogging Scene

Why Newspapers Are Betting on Audience Participation - New York Times

(thanks to the Walt Whitman of Cyberpoetry and virtual mayor of Blogsboro, Billy Jones, for releasing this link. And may he have a most excellent 4th (or fifth!) for having done so, and in such a timely and finessed manner. May he live to be a thousand. And not a day longer.)

The New York Times covers the Greensboro News & Record and its relationship to the blogosphere.
Newspapers should take note.

Pregnantatis Excerptatria:

Now, a popular site called provides residents with what it calls an alternative media hub. Mr. Robinson is considering joining forces with Greensboro101 to pursue an investigation on local water quality that the Web site has begun.

Mr. Cone, the blogger, said that a paper's authority came from "accuracy, authenticity and trust," not from how it was produced. "They haven't given up authority," he said of The News & Record. "They've gained it."



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