Tuesday, March 22, 2005

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Popular Alternative Reaches 60,000 Members

With today's news that Yahoo! is joining Google and Microsoft in the battle for control of the blogging market, rapidly growing service provider MindSay Interactive is announcing the registration of its 60,000th blogger.

The company also noted that it is entering its third year of operation with a suite of new capabilities while continuing to provide user-friendly publishing tools, a unique social experience, and the most innovative features in the blogosphere.

In an ongoing effort to educate and evangelize the millions of curious onlookers about the power of blogging, the company recently launched Ready Set Blog (http://www.readysetblog.com/), a grassroots initiative featuring MindSay bloggers in their own words, answering the frequent questions:

(1) What is a blog?
(2) Why should I blog?
(3) How do I get started?

The project was highlighted recently on The David Lawrence Radio Show, WebProNews, and on some of the Web's most influential blogs. Wil Wheaton, actor, writer, and blogging pioneer praises MindSay for simplifying blogging through its service and the Ready Set Blog program. "Blogs are an incredibly powerful communication tool, and regularly bring together tens of thousands of people who are otherwise separated by time zones and countries," says Wheaton. "So why do 62% of Americans have no idea what this powerful technology is, much less use it? Because nobody has told them about it. Ready Set Blog is changing that, and helping ordinary people use this powerful new paradigm to communicate, educate, and entertain."

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