Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tech News by Greensboro's "Lux et Umbra"

Yahoo raises mail limit to 1GB
Yahoo has announced that they will raise their mail limit to 1GB. And so starts the mail quota wars. Apparently, mail is also one of the leaders in page views and drives profits. No wonder Yahoo has been scared of GMail's launch.

Howto use Google's Adsense for increased earnings
Google's Adsense has provided many people with a bit of extra money for their passionate blogging. Here is a very good 8 step
tutorial to increase the likelihood of making that little extra bit of green go a bit farther.
An interesting little tidbit:
A feature I didn't know about is that if you include a Google search box on your site, and a user searches with it, the targeted ads on the results page use your AdSense ID, so you get money from that as well.

Microjets bring needle-free injections
Hate needles? Perhaps there won't be a need for any in the future. Students in the bioengineering department at University of California - Berkeley have designed microjets, an electronic actuator that propels the payload through the skin without needle punctures.

This and much more from Ben Hwang.


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