Wednesday, March 23, 2005

David Hoggard: We are as one, aren't we?

"We are as one, aren't we? "

Gentleman-blogger, David Hoggard offers up some ideas about the upcoming bloggercon. Charlotte is indeed in the Piedmont, and I personally would not be averse to calling it Piedmont II. I believe the Triangle is also in the Piedmont, so maybe we can absorb that area as well. Whatever happens, I think it should be cooperative, and not competitive...especially since there is so much I have learned, and hope to continue learning from the good folks in the northern piedmont...not to mention the affection I have for my blogospherical partners in creation.

From Mr. Hoggard:

There is some talk around about setting up a 2nd Piedmont BloggerCon for this summer here in Greensboro. Although I would support the event here, we might do better to throw our support behind the upcoming Conference in Charlotte that Anonymoses has worked his butt off to pull together.
Just get Dave and Co. to change the name to Piedmont BloggerCon II and get on with it. Last I checked, Charlotte shares this topography we call the Piedmont. Next year, back to Greensboro. Of course it might have to be expanded to more than one day's duration."

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