Sunday, April 24, 2005

Crossroads Dispatches

The generalist synthesist weblog - quite often about innovations in innovation and marketing. Juxtaposing the right brain and left. Yin and yang. Analytical and intuitive. Technical and visceral. Future and in-the-now. Intersection of technology, creativity & innovation, leadership, systems, beliefs and worldviews. Eventually, on-the-road coverage from a world journey to the emerging creative class centers of the world.

- Biz Blogging Angst: Balancing Surprise (aka Stealth) and Participation in the Long Tail
- Maybe This Being Real Stuff Reaps Bonus Dividends
- Niching Authenticity
- The Dwelve Journey in Business Speak
- The Honey Pots and the Inner Guru
- The Blessing of Stuckness
- I See Patterns and The Zenification of Nearly Everything
- When You Don't Want to Spread the Word About Great Products and Great Customer Service
...and many other excellent pieces.

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