Sunday, April 24, 2005

Who Let the Blogs Out?

by Biz Stone, Genius

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I just got through reading "Who let the blogs out?" by Biz Stone, and am going to heartily recommend it for anyone wanting to learn about the past, present and future of blogging, particularly business blogging. As Stone says, "Blogging will make you smarter", but it will also make you richer, and he gives the reader tips on how to make it happen.

Among his tips is this one:

If you use Google's AdSense, you will probably do better to have the ads appear on each post, rather than simply on the main the ads will be targeted to the contents, which are usually more discernible on each post, rather than the entire page in aggregate. Of course, the ads don't appear on each post as they appear on your main page, but only appear as each post is seen individually.

So, how do you make such a change? Simple. Find the AdSense script in your template, and, in brackets, place the term "ItemPage" before the script, and "/ItemPage" after the script...which even says "script". In place of "quotations marks" you will use instead, < >. (I know I am making it sound more difficult, but I can't use the code on here, or it will try to read it, instead of printing it.)

Stone covers nearly every aspect of blogging, and does it will style, wit and the knowledge experience affords. From Dave Winer's early creations to blogs as weak-tie machines and bizblogging, to tips for improving your blog, to political and community blogging, the book covers it well, and keeps you turning pages all the while. I finished it within a couple of hours.

Delightful and a good book should be.


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