Monday, April 25, 2005

Welcome to the Tipping Point. We have arrived!

Glenn Reynolds, over at Instapundit agrees with Jeff Jarvis that we are at the tipping point from Old to New Media.

My nose tells me that we are at a tipping point, but am not sure that I would expand it to include great swaths like Reynolds and Jarvis -- although that might be true too. My sense is that we are at the tipping point for blogging, particularly business blogging...because there is money involved, and when there is money involved, as well as prestige, and all the other perks of being first, there is a sense of urgency that might not haunt other types of bloggers.

Anyway, read as the Instapundit walks you through these and other complex issues of the day, including David Brooks on adipose wrecks, Henry Copeland on Business Week getting it wrong...or incomplete, Levi's videoblogads and more.



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