Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Corporate Blogs List

Wiki with a list of Corporate Blogs...

Recently added:
Outsell (online media consulting) -
Cheskin -
Red Hat:
Red Hat Executives Blog -
Red Hat People Blog -
Red Hat Intern Blog -
Red Hat Magazine Editor's Blog -
EDS (Electronic Data Systems Corp.): EDS' Next Big Thing Blog -
Edelman - Christopher Hannegan, SVP, U.S. Director of Employee Engagement: Employee Engagement -
The Security Awareness Company (Interpact, Inc.) -
Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless
Associates Consulting Group (investment banking) -
Reprise Media (Search Engine Marketing) -

For the full, and evolving, here.

Other resources:
How Many Fortune 500's Blogging? - Jeremy Wright, Ensight
European Corporate Blogs, a list maintained by Fredrik Wackå
Business Blog Consulting - examples of business blogs
A List of Business Blogs maintained by Darren Rowse
Biz Blogs (sans Consultants), maintained by students from Auburn University
The Product Blogs List
The CEO Blogs List

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