Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Blog Together: North Carolina bloggercon and meetup news

Mister Sugar sweetens his offering with "Blog Together: North Carolina bloggercon and meetup news"

Anton Zuiker not only hosts a mean bloggercon (not in the sense of meanborn or mean-spirited or modemedianmean), in fact let me change it... Anton Zuiker not only hosts a formidable, important, historic bloggercon...he also does a superb job keeping up with them, and keeping the hungry blogosphericals well-fed. Just the idea alone is worthy of note and applause...but to do it, and do it well...well this is indeed a good time to be a Carolinian.

If one is careful, while examining the offering, one might find that this very blog is listed thereon. But don't stop there! Allow it to merely tickle your retina as you move on to all the other happenings transpiring in this amazing state, and its many satellites.

We hope Anton, and indeed, Ed, will come and share their experiences hosting the aboriginal Carolina bloggercons.

Imagine a roving university, where the professors come to you!
This is how I see bloggercons (and much else besides). And North Carolina should pave the way for other, less visionary, states, to take and improve upon -- as citizens are given the access and tools for community, expression, publication, information-gathering, and such.
An evolutionary advance in education and livelihood...

Enough already! Go Blog Together!

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