Monday, March 28, 2005

Using Skype as a Community Media Production Tool

Phil Shapiro
(via Ed Cone)


"Skype was created as a no-cost long-distance phone service. It does that very well. What it also allows you to do, if you're just a little technically-minded and have a homebrew gene or two, is to record your Skype phone conversation, with the other person's permission, to an audio file on a second computer. Once you've recorded the audio, you can edit out the uhms, ahs and pauses, compress the audio and then place it on the web for public consumption.

I've been doing some experiments recording Skype interviews and am writing this article to pass along some tips and pointers. If you'd like to see the results of a Skype interview right away, see this QuickTime segment of an interview with Taran Rampersad of Trinidad & Tobago."


"I am buoyant that Skype will allow a flourishing of interviews with an audio quality that was never possible before. It's useful to note that not all Skype phone calls have a clear audio signal, so you shouldn't plan for success the first time you try this. If the person you're interviewing doesn't sound clear on the computer they're using, have them try from a neighbor's computer or from some other computer they have access to."

Skype was designed as a free phone service. Community media people are beginning to realize Skype may be one of the most powerful new tools in the community media arsenal."

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