Friday, April 15, 2005

Blogging featured on Charlotte Radio

WFAE 90.7 FM - Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins

Rather than bothering with all the revolutionary changes happening in our own backyard, Mister Collins cast his net to New York and California.

Among his guests were:
Steve Rubel of MicroPersuasion
...who said that businesses will do well to include blogging, since in time their lack of communicability will cause potential customers and clients to go where there IS communication, or in other words, blogging.

I hope Mike will take it upon himself to learn more about blogging and podcasting, and realize there are giants in our midst. Talk with them next time. They can help localize it.

Thanks for the effort.

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Blogger Steve Rubel said...

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

11:59 AM  
Blogger anonyMoses said...

I very much enjoyed your contribution, and wish all guests and host would have been as knowledgeable as you...and that there would have been more time.

And while I've got you on the phone...I'd like to invite you to our Charlotte Blogger Conference, which will be transpiring in the next few months, and will be featuring small business blogging, blog marketing and the like.

Thanks again for speaking to Charlotte about its own future. Long overdue, and you were the right person to bring the message.

Dave Beckwith

2:48 PM  

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