Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Working the Net

LinkedIn and other networking tools helping business

Paul Allen, managing partner of business incubator Infobase Ventures in Provo, Utah, likes to help entrepreneurs with advice on business plans and raising capital. But as a frequent lecturer at business schools and conferences, he recently found himself inundated with requests. So he made a new rule: If you're not a member of the LinkedIn network with a minimum of 10 connections and two endorsements on the site, don't even bother calling him. "The most important thing for an entrepreneur is not necessarily what they know, but who they know," says Allen.

Allen's prerequisite underscores the growing popularity--and scope--of online business networking tools such as Palo Alto, California-based LinkedIn Corp. These sites allow members to build networks of friends and associates, as well as gain warm introductions to investors and potential clients. "It's really automating and streamlining the historic word-of-mouth introduction process, which tends to be the best source of investment opportunities," says LinkedIn member Chip Hazard, managing general partner at Boston-based VC firm IDG Ventures.

More Than Money
Beyond just bringing entrepreneurs and investors together in a trusted context, these virtual communities are helping small businesses find potential customers, board members and other strategic business partners.
READ MORE in the news:

Who Knows Whom, and Who Knows What?
CIO Magazine, Australia - Jul 6, 2005

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

English Language Blogs Have Narrow World View

B.L. Ochman on Rebecca MacKinnon and more...

English language media, and particularly American bloggers are xenophobic, says former CNN bureau chief turned blogger Rebecca MacKinnon. If they even cover world events, she says, they cover them very simplistically and only link to what mainstream media covers in rest of the world. Because of their narrow view, they miss a lot of stories and trends. "There are huge blogging communities developing around the work telling you stuff that you'd never get from mainstream media," she says.

In 2004, MacKinnon left a six-figure job at CNN, where she was Tokyo Bureau Chief and correspondent, to do a fellowship at Harvard's Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy. It is an absolutely worthwhile tradeoff, she says emphatically. She wanted to experiment with ways a journalist could use blogs to go beyond traditional reporting. "I feel that I am in the middle of new media innovation, working with people on the cutting edge of where media is going in the future," MacKinnon says.

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Laymen's Quick Start Guide to Podcasting


There are four tools you need to get started quickly, easily, and inexpensively: Skype, HotRecorder, Audacity, and a Plantronics Headphone. Far more robust solutions are available however; this suite gets you going fast, without emptying your wallet.

Learn more.

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Using RSS to Deliver Your Ads

Next Level Biz Tips

Some highlights:
- R.S.S. ads should be conversational in tone and provide information.
- 500-word ads, instead of the shorter search ad length of about 100 words, tend to work better.
- R.S.S. users like to read most of the pitch in their R.S.S. screen, without having to quickly click to another site.
- R.S.S. has the potential to replace e-mail for information delivery.

Link to the NY Times article.


Blog Books, Buying, and Marketing

Blog Business Summit

Over the holiday weekend, the NY Times covered blog books, buying, and marketing.

On publishing, Scoble, Debbie Weil, and Jeremy Wright are also writing books and using blogs to help the process. We’ll launch a companion blog to our New Riders book soon and are not planning on blogging every chapter, like Naked Conversations, but will blog it more like the Longtail, which is “a source for anything related to the topic.”

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EDS keeps blogging guidance simple

via Neville Hobson

A wholly different approach is offered by Electronic Data Systems (EDS), who keep it all very simple:

We will tell the truth.
We will review all comments for content before they are posted.
We will try to respond to comments as fast as possible.
We will link to all of our online resources directly.
We will respect your comments and disagree with them where appropriate.

Corporate Blogs List

Wiki with a list of Corporate Blogs...

Recently added:
Outsell (online media consulting) -
Cheskin -
Red Hat:
Red Hat Executives Blog -
Red Hat People Blog -
Red Hat Intern Blog -
Red Hat Magazine Editor's Blog -
EDS (Electronic Data Systems Corp.): EDS' Next Big Thing Blog -
Edelman - Christopher Hannegan, SVP, U.S. Director of Employee Engagement: Employee Engagement -
The Security Awareness Company (Interpact, Inc.) -
Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless
Associates Consulting Group (investment banking) -
Reprise Media (Search Engine Marketing) -

For the full, and evolving, here.

Other resources:
How Many Fortune 500's Blogging? - Jeremy Wright, Ensight
European Corporate Blogs, a list maintained by Fredrik Wackå
Business Blog Consulting - examples of business blogs
A List of Business Blogs maintained by Darren Rowse
Biz Blogs (sans Consultants), maintained by students from Auburn University
The Product Blogs List
The CEO Blogs List

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Next Level Biz Tips: Magnetic Marketing: Getting Clients to Come to You!

Denise Wakeman discusses Magnetic Marketing, Adam Urbanski of The Marketing Mentors and

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Caro Consulting

Teresa Caro launches her blog, Caro

Lot's of good stuff.

(Thanks to Diva Marketing for the link)

Yesterday, the people from Jupiter and Search Engine Watch came to Atlanta for a half day presentation and round table event—Search Engine Watch Forums LIVE!

Key take aways were...

- Dave Williams from 360i. "Watch the trends. There is tremendous growth in the vertical search market – Orbitz,, Froogle, and Shopzilla. Out of search new ad models have emerged – click to call, local search, day parting, demographic search, contextual search etc. Your competitors are becoming savvier with A/B testing & multi-variable optimization. More and more studies show search is a valuable component of a branding campaign."

- Stacy Williams from Prominent Placement. "To overcome search marketing challenges, use all the tools available to you... Optimized blogs & press releases and well placed, high quality links to your site. Make sure your PR team is regularly monitoring the web and is working with the marketing team to address any negative PR that crops up. Take a look at local search – 25% of today's searches."

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Monday, July 04, 2005

The New York Times on Greensboro's Newspaper and Blogging Scene

Why Newspapers Are Betting on Audience Participation - New York Times

(thanks to the Walt Whitman of Cyberpoetry and virtual mayor of Blogsboro, Billy Jones, for releasing this link. And may he have a most excellent 4th (or fifth!) for having done so, and in such a timely and finessed manner. May he live to be a thousand. And not a day longer.)

The New York Times covers the Greensboro News & Record and its relationship to the blogosphere.
Newspapers should take note.

Pregnantatis Excerptatria:

Now, a popular site called provides residents with what it calls an alternative media hub. Mr. Robinson is considering joining forces with Greensboro101 to pursue an investigation on local water quality that the Web site has begun.

Mr. Cone, the blogger, said that a paper's authority came from "accuracy, authenticity and trust," not from how it was produced. "They haven't given up authority," he said of The News & Record. "They've gained it."


patterns in Interaction Design

An excellent resource for web designers, with info on special problems with specific types of sites...and a lot more.

Writing Efficient CSS

By: John Gallant & Holly Bergevin

This article is intended for people familiar with CSS syntax and usage. If you are new to CSS, see Adrian Senior's excellent article, CSS: An Introduction, in the articles section of CMX.

Making Your RSS Feed Look Pretty in a Browser

O'Reilly Network

To make your RSS feed look pretty, you add a stylesheet to the feed. There are two types of stylesheets you could use here. The first, using XSL, is more complicated, but does give the potential for some powerful features; you could convert links within the feed into clickable links in the browser, for example.

The second, which we will explore here, uses CSS. CSS can't do anything but change the display of the feed, but it's much simpler, and most web designers know at least a little CSS.


How to find and add media to your iTunes library with


Now that iTunes 4.9 supports podcasting and video blogging, you can use the bookmarking service to auto-load music and video files others have bookmarked.


Sunday, July 03, 2005

InsideBlogging - The Blog Consulting Company

"These guys have brought blogging to the forefront for businessmen like myself. It would have taken years for many of us to learn about blogging."

Darren Barefoot, Jeremy Wright, Tris Hussey and the gang want you to know that "The brochure site is dead. Weblogs are a corporate communications tool that can provide immediate and lasting benefits to your organization."

Their clients include Inkspress, Rococo, and eBusiness Connection.

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The a href="">Digital Video Network of Penn Media.

Penn in the News

Penn Media To Produce Video Content For Web Distribution
Vidsense(TM)Rolls Out on Blogs
Penn Media Announces Vidsense (TM)
Penn Media Licenses 25,000 Hours Of Historical Footage For Video Portal Evtv1.Com
Penn Media Announces Video Portal EVTV1

I liked this job description I found on their management team page:
Joe Silic, Chief Creative Officer
Penn is responsible for creating 125 different e-zines and Blogs. Joe is the guy who manages over 40 writers across the country. He also finds time to write Clean Laffs as well. Joe joined the team way back in 1992 and has been developing content, for the web, Blogs and e-zines.

Chief Creative Officer. I like that.

(Penn Media is the world's largest email publisher with 62 million subscribers and 900+ publications. )


openBC: Only six degrees separate all the people in the world.

openBC: "We're Networking People"

From the website:

Being a part of Europe's leading business network allows you to:
- Establish new business contacts
- Systematically grow your network of relationships
- Easily manage existing contact information
- Market yourself and your company in a professional business context
- Identify experts and receive advice on any topic
- Efficiently organize your meetings, events and phone conferences
- Manage contacts no matter where you're located

Learn more by taking the tour.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Business blogging “brings the most marketing and sales returns”

Tom Raftery's I.T. Views

Business blogging more than pays for itself according to a study carried out by Backbone Media - a Boston based company specialising in integrated search engine marketing and website design strategies for Business to Business companies. The survey includes case studies of blogs run by IBM, Microsoft, Maytag, iUpload, and Macromedia.

The study, available online in html format and pdf format, discovered that corporate blogs are living up to all the hype. Corporate blogs are giving established corporations and obscure brands the ability to connect with their audiences on a personal level, build trust, collect valuable feedback and foster strengthened relationships while and at the same time benefiting in ways that are tangible to the sales and marketing side of the business.

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Ping your favorite services when updating your blog.

from Fred on Something

Ping 14 places at once.

Thanks to Toby at Diva Marketing)


Friday, July 01, 2005

15 Blog Marketing Tips

IBMW on Chris Taylor's 15 excellent suggestions.

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In Trade Street Journal, Squarespace Edition, we feature Podcasting and Godcasting in North Carolina

Trade Street Journal, Squarespace edition

Miami Baptist Church in Concord, North Carolina may look like a sleepy little Southern church where nothing has changed in 50 or a hundred years, but look inside and you will see that they are podcasting, or "godcasting", doing e-commerce, and are expanding their congregation far beyond their walls...

With blogger conferences blossoming around North Carolina like so many gardens, we think that the trend of podcasting and blogging will ensure that other churches, organizations and businesses follow the lead of these early pioneers.

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O'Connor retires from Supreme Court

Podcasts to internet radio.

Blog Business World

"It's time for some dream time and idea brainstorming. Let's examine the situation, involving the use of podcasts, as a basis for internet radio content..."

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Become one of 50 bloggers going backstage to the Live 8 Concerts

Sifry's Alerts

...the goal of this is also to get millions of bloggers posting about Live 8 - the fact is that there are 30,000 children dying in Africa every day - no one is reporting on it, and we aren't doing anything about it. So one of the goals is to help set the agenda of the mainstream media, and this represents a moment of pregnant possibility - for bloggers to create proactive change, not just reactive change based on other news events. It is our opportunity to help to shape the news conversation for the good of us all. And for our leaders to hear the voices of millions when they sit down at the G8 meeting.

(Thanks to Evan Williams for the link)

For more on bloggers at Live 8, see Ed Cone's blog.


Greensboro July Biz Blogging Event

Greensboro Is Talking ? Blog Archive ? July Biz Blogging Event

The next Triad Biz Bloggers Networking Event will be held Wednesday, July 13 at the Revolution Mill Studios.

The event will begin at 7 PM and will run until ???. Refreshments and hot dogs will be served or feel free to bring something to throw on the grill.

All are welcome so come on down to the Mill to join in the discussion about blogging as a business and business opportunities in blogging.

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