Tuesday, May 31, 2005

'Podcasting' Link Roundup For Saturday, May 28th, 2005

How To Blog For Fun & Profit! :: T. L. Pakii Pierce
(See Pierce's blog for hyperlinks to articles)
"Podcasting's First Aggregated Network"
An Attempt To Demystify Podcasting (A Work In Progress)
Blogging Meets Podcasting
Future of Podcasting
GM Experiments With Podcasting
It's nice to see a review of podcast styles. Why not slow down and take a look at what makes this me...
Jupiter Analysts Podcasting
Marketplace: Podcasting Is the Next Big Thing
Measuring Podcasting's Growth
More Female Podcasters
Podcast Hosting
S&P Says Podcasting Threatens Audble
The Lowdown on Podcasting
Thinking about podcasting
Two more thoughts about podcasting

And here is his 'Blogging' Link Roundup.
4 million blogs in China: report
Autoblogger: Get Started Not Blogging
Blogdigger Local: New Twist on Local Search
Blogging about Products
BlogPulse Intros Clickable Trend Charts
Bursting the Blog Bubble? I think Not
Google AdSense Blog?
Google Paying Bloggers $50 to Blog for an Hour
Media will change more in the next five years than it has in the past 50 years
MSN Unveils Social Media Tools at Day 2 Keynote
Politicial Blogs Cause Bias in Google News Coverage
Ripping on the Blog Coaches
the Long Tail is indeed full of crap
The Six Figure Challenge
Wall St Journal Tech Report on Mainstream Media's Future Ignores Impact of Blogs
White paper -- The corporate blogosphere
WordPress Blogs excluded from Adsense in RSS Feed

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Categorizing Your Blog Posts

Build A Better Blog

Denise Wakeman points us to an article by Paul Chaney about categorizing blog posts, some pitfalls of Blogger, Technorati tags and related material.
A useful read.


WSJ.com - Blogging Becomes A Corporate Job; Digital 'Handshake'?

Wall Street Journal
(via Radiant Marketing Group and BlogDog)


A small but growing number of businesses are hiring people to write blogs, otherwise known as Web logs, or frequently updated online journals. Companies are looking for candidates who can write in a conversational style about timely topics that would appeal to customers, clients and potential recruits.

The annual salary ranges from $50,000 and $70,000. The job also includes duties, such as writing marketing copy and content for the Web site of the company, which currently has 15 employees, says Mark Lehmann, Web marketing director.

Dale & Thomas Popcorn, a Teaneck, N.J., gourmet popcorn company, is seeking an online-marketing coordinator to create and maintain a company blog on the love of popcorn, among other tasks. Paul Goodman, senior vice president of ecommerce, says he hopes a blog will enhance customer relations and help boost the company Web site's search-engine rankings.

The new position, with an annual salary between $40,000 and $55,000, opened in April. Prior blogging experience isn't necessary, Mr. Goodman says. "We're looking for candidates who are good at expressing themselves. What they write doesn't have to be perfect. It needs to be conversational and should translate our feelings to the community."

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Blog Core Values = Authenticity. Passion. Transparency. Credibility. Individualism. Creativity. Originality. Relevance. Integrity.

Do you possess these virtues? If so...why aren't you blogging?

I'd like to personally thank Steven Streight for updating me on this list, and to say that he is the first Jakob Nielsen/Jacques Derrida deconstruction-based blogologist I have had to pleasure to interact with in the blogosphere, and want to welcome him back any time.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Threads of the Web - Linking for Success

Friday, May 27, 2005

Dave Winer to visit Chapel Hill in early June

Dave says he will be coming to Chapel Hill, North Carolina after his trip to Cambridge where he to be a guest on Christoper Lydon's first broadcast on WGBH.
Mister Lydon is one of the best interviewers in America, and has provided the Boston area with his intellectual gifts and formidable list of guests for decades. Among his guest list are William F. Buckley, Norman Mailer, Julia Child, Jay Rosen, Tim Berners-Lee, Gore Vidal, Lawrence Lessig, George Lakoff, Joe Trippi, Stirling Newberry, Edward Said, Jeff Jarvis, Adam Curry, Wesley Clark, Cornel West, Paul Krugman, Jeffrey Sachs, Mathew Gross, Joi Ito, John Edwards, Harold Bloom, Howard Dean, Polly Toynbee, The Daily Kos, Glenn Reynolds, David Sifry, Doc Searls, Ed Cone, David Weinberger and Eugene Volokh.

When I finally got to meet him, he was hosting author, Alexander Theroux, at the Boston Public Library back in the mid-90s. Both gentlemen are tops in their field, although they do not live in Topsfield.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fear, Greed and Social Software




Free Local Keyword Tool

His Mission: Simplify Podcasting

Marketers big and small taking a shine to blogs - Yahoo! News

- Yahoo! News

Former journalists who covered the Kennedy assassination becoming bloggers...


Build A Better Blog: 2 New Blog Directories

Idea Consultants: Sticky Content= More Business

Idea Consultants :: Billy Jones

“What’s sticky content?” you ask.

Sticky content is something you publish for free that others are allowed to place on their websites in order to drive more traffic to their website as well as yours. Sticky content is sometimes used in print media as well.

Let’s say you own an automobile repair shop and need more business. You could advertise in your local newspaper but ads cost money and you’re broke so what do you do? Well it just so happens that many newspapers (especially the free weeklies) need content but don’t have enough cash to pay writers. Why not write an entertaining column each week about cars and car repair and offer your column to the local paper for free? Just make sure you get a byline that reads something like, “Monkey Wrench is the owner of Clunker Auto Repair on 4th and Main Streets in downtown Clunkersville.”

Same thing works for other businesses as well.

Read more.

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Stephen Denning be the Lunch Speaker at New York Business Blogs Workshop June 9

Portals and KM

"This one day session will be similar to the session on June 7 in Boston that I wrote about on Tuesday. It is based on our book, Business Blogs: A Practical Guide and is designed to help you decide if a business blog is right for you and equipment you to achive a successful start in business blogging."

*Just a reminder that Charlotte will be hosting a similarly focused conference in a few months, date yet to be determined.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Evolutionary Origins of the Weblog

Idea Consultants: Nick Lewis

The weblog -- far from being a mere fad -- is a technological expression of our evolutionary heritage.

“Blogs haven't displaced media, US study finds”, reads the latest Reuters headline about blogs. This headline is part of a sudden blog-bashing trend which I predicted would occur two weeks ago[1]. The article’s headline reeks of typical MSM anti-blog bias. Even the word, “displaced”, means literally: “to remove from the usual or proper place.” As expected, the actual truth is buried in the middle of the article:
"The study dispels the notion that blogs are replacing traditional media as the public's primary source of information, said Michael Cornfield, a senior research consultant at Pew.”


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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Charlotte Internet

Feng Shui in the Office

Monday, May 16, 2005

Why Corporate Blogging Works

Dave Beckwith's "Idea Management" comes of age

Information Week and more on "Idea Management"

A few years ago, Information Week called me on the phone and asked me to tell him about Idea Management, since they had ascertained that I have coined the term, and had the first website on the topic. I told him I really hadn't done much with it other than create the website, which wasn't what he wanted to hear. So sorry Charlie!

Here is an article they wrote about it. Not sure if it was the one I was to be involved in.

It is amusing to see how it has grown, and now I think I will take up the reins and get back into it. First I want to see what others are doing with it.

In May, 1998...seven years ago this month, this article surfaced:

A Proposal for Web Idea Management
by Alexei Falaleev

in which the author has the following couple of paragraphs:

The term "idea management" is a little idea itself, as well as a unique word pattern that is searchable after the idea of the term appeared. I tried Altavista to check whether I was first to find it, and alas, I found that "Idea Management is a term that was coined ... by Dave Beckwith". I spent just a minute for the checking. That is the way it should be for a huge amount of little and large ideas identifiable by word patterns.

The first idea banks and idea searching tools have already appeared on the Web. They are easily searchable, so I am not going to describe them here just to show my competence. As a start point for surfing, I could recommend
Idea Management.

It's mine! It's mine I tell you! And I want it back, as well as all of the profits made from it!
Gimme gimme!

Aw...what the heck. Keep your money. I have enough.

Trade Street Journal, Idea Management and Idea Consultants goes way back, and Darryl Parker and I were among the very first blokes in Charlotte to carpe the internet diem. For more on that history, see Idea Consultants blog. We are not a flash in the pan group of folks. We have been doing this for years. And we know the future. Our history bears this out.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Blogging for Business -- Big Companies

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Free Ethics Books

from Online Books 4 Free

- All the Familiar Colloquies of Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, Concerning Men, Manners, and Things
- A Manual of Etiquette with Hints on Politeness and Good Breeding
- Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home (New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1922) by Emily Post
- Freedom of the Will by Jonathan Edwards
- Getting On in the World: or, Hints on Success in Life by William Mathews
- Liao-Fan's Four Lessons
- Manners and Social Usages (1887 edition) by Mary Elizabeth Wilson Sherwood
- Good Morals and Gentle Manners by Alexander Murdoch Gow
- The American Gentleman's Guide to Politeness and Fashion (1858 edition) by Margaret C. Conkling
- The Book of the Courtier by Baldassare Castiglione, ed. by Walter Raleigh
- The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness by Cecil B. Hartley
- The Gentlewoman's Companion, or, A Guide to the Female Sex by Hannah Wolley
- The Lady's Guide to Perfect Gentility, in Manners, Dress, and Conversation by Emily Thornwell
- The Laws of Etiquette: or, Short Rules and Reflections for Conduct in Society

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25 Top Women Business Builders

Zen & the Art of Blogging

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Works for Me: A blog by any name

- CNET reviews

(Thanks to Tom Priest for referring this excellent summary.)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Internet and Business Online Blogging

Blog Soup Directory

-Many interesting and pertinent articles, including:
-Blogging Policies, Does Your Business Need One?
-The 7 Steps to Promoting Your RSS Feeds on Your Website
-Creating A Basic RSS Feed For Your Site
-5 Surefire Basic Methods to use in Promoting Your Blog
-RSS For Fresh Content & Better Ranking
-Strategies to Make Your Blog More Interesting
-7 Tips for Successful Blogging
-RSS Feeds Explosion
-Making Money with RSS Feeds
...and more.

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Finding yourself through blogging - part 2

Ripples: post-corporate adventures

Inspiring words by David St.Lawrence.

Tips for effective use of blogs

Blogging Blogging for Fun and Profit

San Francisco Chronicle wrote Tips for effective use of blogs for businesses, on May 5, 2005. It was written having business blog in mind...

The tips mentioned are:
-make it clear the goal of your blog
-know your audience
-blog is not an advertisement
-don't take individual or political blogs as a business blog model
-figure out who will write the blog
-promote the blog
-plan for the long haul
-post regularly and frequently

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Does Your Company Blog?

Blogging Blogging for Fun and Profit
-Blog as a Marketing Tool
-What's the Basic ingredients of successful business blog?
-Business Blog Management
-Choosing Blogging Tools

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Small Business Blog Center - The best business blogs from around the Web

Edited by Jim Logan

Today's featured blogs...


Monday, May 09, 2005

Charlotte Bloggercon notes

After having seen (from afar) BlogNashville, it is my contention that we should shoot for one day, and a limited number of people…at least for the first one. I heard several complaints about the length of BlogNashville, which seemed to get on some people’s nerves, or at least tax their patience. And having 300+ Bloggers to have to juggle seemed to tax the administrators as well.

Limiting the size of the venue might be a good idea as well. If we have a hundred people in a room built for a thousand, the perception will be that it was a weak showing, both within and without, whereas if a hundred people cram into a space meant for 75…the perception will be that it was “standing room only”…thus implying popularity, success, etc.

Greensboro and Chapel Hill may well have been too short. My impression was that people wanted to stay longer…which is probably a good thing. Leave them wanting more.
And Greensboro was perhaps too large a venue, as it left room for people to spread out to the point where it was hard to interact with each other…at least while in the auditorium.

We could create a DVD from the texts, pics, video and audio from these other conferences, and have them available, so that attendees will come away armed with much of what was covered in other conferences, as well as what we cover. This way there is little need for duplication. We can move right into mindblogging, thoughtpodding, and more recent and futuristic aspects of blogospheric activity.

Suggestions are always welcome...

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A Beginner's Guide to TrackBack

Blog Advertising Network

With CrispAds, you can create effective text based ads that are distributed to millions of blogs and their associated RSS or ATOM feeds world-wide. Blog advertising is a brand new advertising channel that is emerging as a highly targetted, effective advertising medium.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Photos from BlogNashville

Here are a lot of photos gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict. South Knox Bubba also has several links of photos.
There are even a few girlies there. And then there is this story:
Iranian blogger travels to Nashville to share his story
And why have more Jones when you can have Les Jones?

Lots of fun at Finngegans Wake!


Friday, May 06, 2005

Signals from the Flames: BlogNashville Feeds


To hear some of what is coming being said by BlogNashville luminaries, we have created a little page to capture some of the voices, and aggregate them for your delight and edification.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Robert Cox, from The National Debate and Media Bloggers prepares for Nashville

Getting Ready for BlogNashville

If you haven't signed up for what is sure to be a most excellent conference, there is probably still a space or two...


Bizblogging at the Carnival


Is there a risk that your business lacks exposure? Matt Rosenberg of BlogConsultingPro has some good advice on what to do and what not to do if you set up a business blog.
The Montreal region has been doing very well in attracting international businesses, says Barry Welford of The Other Bloke's Blog.
Tax Updates says that the proliferation of computer technology has enabled the mind-numbing complexity of the tax law.
Business Promos has lots of promotional products and ideas and is updated regularly.
And last but not least, a new business blog aptly named The Business of Better. Their aim: applying operations intelligence to reduce business risk. "

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Blog Smart! Understanding Weblogs and their Business Uses (Business Blogs)

with your host, Dave Taylor

WHEN: May 5, 2005, 9am - 12pm
WHERE: Boulder Outlook Hotel, Boulder, CO
COST: $175
$200 at the door


May 2 - Dave Winer Day

Idea Consultants: May 2 - Dave Winer Day

Idea Consultants would like to consider May 2...Dave Winer Day in honor of the gentleman who made much of our fascinating lives possible, through his tireless efforts.

Happy Birthday, Dave!

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List of other Business Blogs

Business Blog Consultants

Radiant Marketing Group

Who was the first business blog consultant? I think B. L. Ochman may be accorded that honor. (I could be wrong.) Debbie Weil is doing it. Of course, Jeremy Wright got in early when he started Inside Blogging after the infamous eBay auction. Tris Hussey is another, as is Toby Bloomberg. Dana Vanden Heuvel, Elisa Camahort, and Andy Wibbels are others who come to mind.

A bevy of others have begun to dot the landscape. My friend John Jantsch started Blogging Business recently and has joined the party. I noticed Priya Shah has become India's first business blog consultant. (That's one of the items on her palette.)

Denise Wakeman is doing it, as is Wayne Hurlbert. Steve Rubel is, at least with Cooper-Katz clients. Kevin O'Keefe does it for attorneys. I'm sure there are many more. (Actually, Rick Bruner has the most complete list that I know of.)

Not only that, but ad agencies and PR firms are beginning to consult with their clients about blogs. Many of them have no clue. Hopefully, they'll turn to people like me for help.

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Build a better business blog - Free teleseminar

Blogging Goes Mainstream: Is Your Company Ready? (Business Blog Conference)

Robert Scoble, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft and creator of the Scobleizer Blog

Tuesday, May 03, 2005
2:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Microsoft Customer Briefing Center
1290 Avenue of the Americas, Between 51st and 52nd Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY

This special executive event will examine the business implications of blogging and the impact this burgeoning communication medium is having on the business landscape. We will examine how leading organizations across a wide range of industries are tapping into the power of blogs to expand their reach into new or existing markets, drive real-time market intelligence, extend their brand and create transformational dialogues with customers, partners and employees.

We will gather senior executives from Fortune 500 companies, as well as forward-thinking sales, marketing and public relations professionals to explore the nuts and bolts of building a corporate blogging strategy and how businesses of all types can leverage this new medium to drive new revenues, increase market share and gain critical brand exposure while influencing public opinion on their products and services.

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Careful when you Google

“A malicious website is preying on people who mistype Google into their Web browsers.”

Anyone who accidentally types “googkle.com” [do NOT attempt this - Ed], an easy-to hit misspelling of the domain name, will find themselves on the receiving end of a nasty cyber-jacking, or “Google-jacking” as perhaps it should be more accurately termed.
The site will automatically install a wide range of malware on to the user’s computer, mostly Trojan-based backdoors, proxies, downloaders, and droppers. Adding insult to digital injury, it also infects a PC with adware. The website will infect Windows PCs using any browser, so this is not simply a problem for Internet Explorer users.